The Facility

Judo Facility

Nestled in the upstairs room of Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre, our judo club is a haven for young judokas. Spanning a generous space, the club equipped with top-quality mats and judo equipment. Ensures a safe and professional environment for learning and growth.

Viewing Area

At Bradley Stoke Judo Club, we understand the importance of being part of your child’s journey. Our viewing area is complete with comfortable seating around the mat. Offers the perfect spot for you to watch, encourage, and see your child's progress unfold. Witness their confidence bloom with each session, all from the comfort of a dedicated parent area.

Soho Café for Refreshments

Downstairs, Soho Café awaits to enhance your experience. Whether you're in the mood for a hot coffee, a cold drink, or a snack, the café has a variety of options to keep you refreshed. While you wait or after class, it’s the perfect place to relax, catch up with other parents, or enjoy a moment to yourself.

Convenient Car Parking

Parking is a breeze at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre. With ample space, including a drop-off zone for quick visits, you can ensure a stress-free start and end to your child’s judo class. We encourage considerate parking to keep it smooth for everyone.

Judo Apparel and Gear

Looking to gear up your young judoka?

While our physical shop operates during select hours, our online shop is always open! From comfortable judo gis to branded hoodies and t-shirts. Find everything your child needs to look and feel the part, available through our online store.

At Bradley Stoke Judo Club, we are more than a judo club – we are a community where children thrive, parents connect, and the spirit of judo comes alive.