Rowan Heads To Venray For A Historical Moment

Rowan Heads To Venray For A Historical Moment


Under the umbrella of EJU, a historic moment awaits all this weekend as the first test event of the adapted judo competition. EJU Get Together in Venray, will take place in Venray, the Netherlands.

The tournament will be held according to the EJU-adapted judo rules that were adopted this year. The project intended to offer judo for individuals of all abilities, with opportunities in both, shiai and kata. The event will take place at the Sports hall ‘De Wetteling’, Zuidsingel 2 with complementary entries.

The central purpose of this tournament is to celebrate inclusivity and advance the cause of adapted judo.

By participating in this landmark event, we, aspire to create an environment. Where all judo athletes can show their skills, passion, and sportsmanship on an international stage.

Rowan Kinsella who is a long-standing member of our club heads out to compete in this competition for the first time. Here is what Rowan has to say:

The weekend was an incredible experience and one I will remember for years to come! For the second time ever, I was honoured to represent Great Britain and Bradley Stoke Judo Club. At a significant European Adaptive Judo competition - The EJU Dutch Adaptive Open in Venray, Netherlands.

The result didn't go how I wanted, as I walked away with 5th place after giving it my all and having some tremendous competitive bouts. Naturally, I feel disappointed with the result as a medal was achievable, but that is how sport goes sometimes!

Reflecting on the competition despite the result not going my way. I do walk away with one significant proud moment with the knowledge that after years and years of watching so many fantastic BSJC Judokas compete in various EJU Cup/Open around the world. I can finally be able to say I also have done so in my own right and for the first time, I fought at the highest level of competitive adaptive Judo.

Going into 2024, I couldn't be more excited. This event was historic for Adaptive Judo as it was the first EJU open 'trial' competition. Designed to provide a platform for Neurodivergent/additional needed athletes, like myself, to compete and showcase their skills at the highest level. The event was a massive success, with the EJU already aiming to invest more in Adaptive Judo and host six more European competitions!

As someone who dreamt of having a competitive judo career at this high level like my BSJC counterparts. But was disadvantaged due to my Dyspraxia, Cerbal paralyse, and various other conditions. The fact that I can now have one in my own right is something I am incredibly grateful for.

With the support of BSJC, I will be making the most of it.

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